Key Differences Between Windscreen Repair and Replacement

It is common for a car’s front window to become damaged with small chips and cracks. While driving on the road, stones can bounce and pierce your auto’s glass.

To avoid further headaches and to keep your vehicle safe, it is best to have the problem examined by a professional.

An expert auto glass technician understands whether windscreen repair is the best course of action. Under certain circumstances, windscreen replacement melbourne services are necessary.

Fixing Existing Auto Glass

No one wants to deal with broken car window glass. When damage occurs, it does not always have to result in glass substitution.

Windscreen replacement

Since most car glass is tempered and has many layers, a small chip can be easily fixed before it cracks and extends across the entire window.

A technician uses a clear polymer tar and injects it into the hole, which prevents further damage. If the ding is tiny and positioned out of your direct field of vision, it should not obstruct your view of the road after it is fixed.

In little time, the repairs will be completed, and the glass will be as good as new without a large expense.

Windscreen Replacement Melbourne Services

When your car’s windscreen has a large chip that cannot be simply repaired, you will be forced to replace your entire front window.

Oftentimes, cracks that expand along the glass will need to be removed and substituted as well. Although this costs more than repairs, it will ensure structural integrity in times of an accident and uphold a clear view of the road.

You may be concerned that it will take a long time to substitute auto glass. However, many professional companies offer on site windscreen replacement that is completed quickly and efficiently.

With this service, all chips and cracks will be removed, and you will have fresh glass in your vehicle.

When you are not sure about the best way to remedy your car’s window cracks and other damage, you should consult with the experts at A1 Windscreens.

These professionals specialize in on site windscreen replacement and chip and crack repairs.


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