Myths and Facts of Window Tinting for Home Use

Window films have existed for decades. They are commonly known as features that darken glass on automobiles, but they can also be used for home application as well.

However, many individuals do not feel dark glass is appealing on residences or offices and tend to believe common misconceptions about the products.

To debunk the myths, it is important to understand the benefits that come from applying these products. Here are the top untruths involved with window tinting Melbourne services.

A1 Windscreens

Myth 1: Widow Film Colors are Too Dark for Outdoor Appeal

When a person thinks of film products, he or she usually imagines a fancy car with completely opaque windows. Although this is attractive on an automobile, it is not something that seems appealing for the outdoor appearance of a house.

For this reason, a person may frown on the idea of using this type of film for residential application.

Products are available in a variety of shades. It is true that many are made to be dark so that they reduce glare and heat from the sun.

However, it is possible to purchase items that are clear and unnoticeable. This allows glass to remain transparent, which lets light into rooms and maintains aesthetically pleasing outdoor looks.

Myth 2: Tint is Bad for Plants

It is well known that plants thrive in sunlight. However, they can still flourish out of the bright sunshine. It is a fact that too much sun can actually cause plants to dry out. Placing film on glass helps keep greenery healthy and hydrated.

Myth 3: Film Blocks the Outdoor Scenery

On a beautiful day, many homeowners enjoy looking out their windows and admiring their natural surroundings.

They do not want to place anything on their glass that would obstruct their views, so they dislike the idea of tint.

Many individuals believe all films are reflective, but this is not the truth. Certain types are only reflective on one side, and others make glass opaque from the outside and remain transparent inside.

There is no reason that film application should block anyone from enjoying the outdoor scenery.

Myth 4: Darkened Windows Lowers the Appeal of a Dwelling

As previously stated, film comes in a wide range of colors. It is not necessary to choose a dark selection that creates a gloomy feel. It is simple to discuss various options with a professional.

This expert will explain all the choices and will recommend something that complements an individual’s dwelling so that its curb appeal is maximised.

Myth 5: Glass Film is Not Affordable

Many people think they cannot afford film for their home or car. However, window tinting for home use does not have to break the bank. It is just as costly as any other glass treatment, and it brings numerous advantages.

For instance, it increases a building’s energy efficiency, which means a homeowner will pay less on his or her monthly electric bills. By blocking the sun’s glare, film lowers the expense of cooling during warm summer months.

Likewise, it decreases heating costs in winter by preventing heat loss.
It also prevents furniture and carpeting from fading. As the sun enters a home, its UV rays can damage interior design pieces.

Using a product that does not allow these rays to penetrate keeps upholstery and rugs looking like new. This prevents the need to replace items that have been harmed by the sun.

Also, applying film to glass offers protection from injury when storms pass through the area or when objects hit the glass.

It keeps shattered glass from flying around and harming someone nearby. In many cases, tint pays for itself within a short amount of time.

Having a professional install window film can bring comfort and energy savings to any home. Experts understand the correct application process and will use the most durable products.

Despite the negative myths, applying film often provides noticeable benefits. A homeowner is sure to appreciate the great energy savings. In reality, there are no true disadvantages that come from having glass tinted.

Author Bio: Darren Pay has decades of experience at both residential and mobile window tinting and enjoys providing car tint Melbourne services to clients. He comprehends the benefits that come from placing film over glass.

He is proud to work for A1 Windscreens, a top source for high quality window tinting for homes, offices, and all types of vehicle. He welcomes clients to experience first-hand the advantages of his services.


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