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All You Need To Know About Loose Rocks Chipping Your Windscreen


The only thing more agonising than rocks hitting your windscreen while you drive, is the crack they cause on your beloved windscreen. There’s nothing minor in the issue of a chipped windscreen and having one can damage your vehicle in much bigger ways than they see.

A chipped windscreen is also a risk as it can be proved dangerous. Although a chipped windscreen might seem quite ordinarily ok, they aren’t. You might also convince yourself to postpone the repair date and decide to hold out on the chipped windscreen a little longer to avoid on burning a hole in your pocket.

So here’s a little help to let you know if your windscreen needs to be replaced or repaired.

How is vehicle safety affected by a chipped windscreen?

A windscreen was created for more than just being able to see through the glass or maintaining your perfectly styled hair.

The windscreen is one of the crucial parts of your car that prevents flying wreckage from hurting those inside the car in a situation of an accident. Therefore a chipped windscreen is weaker and a risk for those travelling inside the vehicle.

What to do if your windscreen is chipped whilst driving

According to law trucks are forbidden to carry uncover loads and there are certain procedures of care to be followed while transporting loose gravel.

In order to prevent loose gravel from flying off and hitting a nearby vehicle most trucking companies ask their drivers to remove any kind of loose gravel can cause potential damage. So there is a very small chance of this happening; however in a scenario that it does, it would be helpful to pen down the trucks license plate, make, model and note the exact time and location.

Better yet a picture might be the best for the quickest reflex. Now the reason to do so is because most truck drivers and companies own standard insurance for such incidents which will simplify the process of fixing your windscreen.

In cases of loose gravel from poor roads or road works chipping your windscreen you need to turn to the appropriate authority which might be a tougher case to win than with the truck companies.

When does a chipped windscreen make your car an unsafe vehicle by law?


It’s an offence to drive a defective or unsafe vehicle in Queensland. According to the Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads’s Code of Practice – Vehicle Inspection Guidelines (May 2015) a chipped windscreen will make your car unsafe if.

‘…the part of the windscreen that is swept by the wiper blades (primary vision area) is cracked, scored, chipped, badly sandblasted or otherwise damages so as to impair the driver’s vision or damage the wiper blades.’

Here are the three criteria’s that judge if your vehicle is unsafe:

•    The size of the damage
•    Depth of the damage
•    Which part of the windscreen is chipped.

What to do if your windscreen is chipped?

Your first step would be to find out if your windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced completely. You would be amazed at the development of technology being able to repair a chipped windscreen to seem flawless and saving you on a bigger expense.

An important point to remember is that if your windscreen can be repaired, the sooner you do so the better as time can cause the damage to increase and be in need of a more expensive fixing or even a complete replacement.

In cases where your windscreen needs to be replaced completely it would not be as bad as it seems if you have automotive glass insurance or if you find a replacement expert with budget friendly pricing.

It would be wise not to be too miserly on spending money on your windscreen to avoid getting a bad job done and increasing your expense later on. Here’s what to look for in a windscreen repairer:

 What to look for in a windscreen repairer

The following questions can help you judge if you have selected a good windscreen repairer.

•    Are they experienced? Reliable? Trustworthy?
•    Are they offering you every possible solution or just insisting on replacing your windscreen?
•    Are they providing you with an up-front quote?
•    Will they come to you or do you have to go to them?
•    Can the repair of replacement be done immediately?
•    In a case where a windscreen replacement is required, will high quality products be used along with giving you a lifetime warranty?

Its better safe than sorry. Avoid the risk of a fine and a defect notice by tending to your windscreen as soon as it is chipped or damaged.

About the Author: A1 windscreens is a family owned business that was established in 1989. Darren Pay is one of the directors of the company and is highly qualified and experienced in the field of windscreen replacement and windscreen chip repairs. Windscreen replacement prices are the best deals you can get at A1 windscreens.

How to Keep Windscreen Cracks Small

Windscreen Crack

Automobiles help us move from one place to another with speed and convenience; however safety is always an issue. When driving on the road, it is always important to keep safety in mind. The windscreen is vital in helping you maintain visibility on the road at all times. When it gets a crack, this visibility is affected and, therefore, safe driving is also affected.

To ensure that this does not result into an accident, it is recommended that you respond to any windscreen cracks with the right automotive glass replacement services. Note that even the smallest of cracks can develop into large dangerous spider web cracks.

Small windscreens cracks can be caused by a variety of reasons. These cracks tend to have minimal effect on the level of visibility while driving; it is the larger cracks you have to watch out for.

However, the small visible cracks might not have an effect now but have a chance of developing into lager more extensive cracks that would render your windscreen unsafe for driving. There are various situations that lead to the extension of the size and area covered by small cracks; it is this risk that makes it essential to have repairs done before you need automotive glass replacement.

Every time temperatures decrease, the car’s windscreen contracts while its shape changes slightly. This can turn the small crack into a larger more extensive crack and from there more cracks will form.

As this damage progresses, you will need to get automotive glass replacement services sooner rather than later. It is also possible that the small crack will be turned into a larger one due to hitting regular bumps on the road when driving. To avoid the hassle associated with dealing with larger cracks, it is recommended that you take action as early as possible.

How to Fix this

To make sure that you do not end up in trouble with the law, in need of automotive glass replacement services or in an automotive accident endangering the lives of the passengers in the car as well, the windscreen has to be free of extensive cracks.

One of the ways to make sure of this is to keep the small crack as it is, small. You could fix this crack by buying a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit . This can be found at a glass shop or automotive windscreen repair shop. using the tools supplied, repair the damage. If done properly The resin not only seals up the crack but also supports the glass to ensure that the crack cannot extend any further.

Alternatively you will have to take your car to the auto shop for automotive glass repair services and avoid all the hassles.

At A1 Windscreens, we specialise in onsite or in-workshop windscreen crack repair an overall automotive glass repair services. Interested customers can visit A1 Windscreens and get to learn more about our services and customer discounts.